Watch the conversation with our panel of Life Sciences Industry Leaders as they discuss the topic “Biotech Licensing Strategies in a COVID-19 World”


“Everyone is still really positive about the biotech industry and the value to society. Moving key and novel programs forward no matter the stage of development. There’s a lot of need in the world, even outside of COVID. I think this is an industry that’s going to continue to grow, we’re going to have some issues as we move into the clinical situation, but we will figure out how to work around that, just like we’ve figured out how to work effectively over these last 4 months” – Hugh Davis, Biosion

“I am very optimistic. I think that this is bringing the everyone in the industry closer to each other.” – Oscar Segurado, ASC Therapeutics

“This is a great opportunity for biopharma to contribute to the global economic output. This is an opportunity that I hope that the industry as a whole can take advantage of fully.” – Kyle Kimble, KnowBio

“There is a lot of optimism within the industry on the licensing side, conversations are still happening, deals are still happening, so while some people still have a little bit of pessimism about the timelines, we are still seeing a lot of things moving forward. Now is the time to do it, it’s not the time to slow down, it’s the time to keep pushing forward. Keep moving these partnering discussions forward that way we can keep moving these game-changing potential drugs forward.” – Nathan Finger, Kineticos