Join the conversation with our panel of Life Sciences Industry Leaders as they discuss the question “Should You Take Your Technology Platform Where the Action is?”


“Pandemic is not a viable business model. If you’re looking back in 6 months’ time and COVID-19 is just a memory, how do you run your business from then on? How do you have your exit plan for how we are in the moment? Keep yourself focused on what your business is about and then you will find a way forward.” –Douglas Thomson

“What we’ve seen is that the pandemic is constantly evolving and changing, opportunities are shifting, closing, opening. We very much have a S.W.A.T. team here at Mammoth that really tries to look at these things, process them very quickly and take advantage of them.” Vikram Joshi

“Infectious diseases, we’re all in it and it is a very important field. The COVID crisis demonstrates the overall value proposition of rapid molecular diagnostic testing for infectious diseases. Its just a matter of finding out where your strengths are, where your core competencies are and determining whether you want to be working specifically on COVID-19 or not. ” –Faranak Artzadeh

“These are high stress situations, not only for us personally but for us professionally, it is very unlikely that the first thing we think of is correct, very, very unlikely. Go through this process of actively thinking through what these issues are, what these problems are, what your strategy is. Your gut instinct on this is going to be wrong, I will guarantee you that – mine has been.” Shailesh Maingi