The life sciences landscape is complex and defining a successful business strategy is challenging. Many companies struggle to create that roadmap; and differentiation is often their greatest obstacle. You know you need great science, an unmet need, strong intellectual property, a high-quality team, a network of advisors, and above all, financing. But how do you answer these questions: What makes you different? How do you differentiate? Kineticos takes a different approach with our How-To primers. We will, of course, share how to address important steps when building your successful life science business. But unlike other How-To’s, Kineticos translates decades of industry experience and hundreds of consulting engagements into unique perspectives, unconventional approaches, and potentially disruptive methodology not only suggesting how you can build and execute a successful business strategy; we can together answer the question, “What makes you different?”

If You Want Real Answers To Your Questions, Then Ask The Right People!

Written by Abe Maingi, VP of Precision Medicine

“When consulting firms execute corporate strategy projects, they typically employ secondary research solely, which is information that is publicly available. Secondary research is a static view – a historical view of what has happened in the past. That view is limited because the information is presented based on the perspective of the author or source…”

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