The life sciences and therapeutic landscapes are incredibly dynamic and rapidly changing. What was relevant 5 years ago is more than likely outdated and mute today. The real challenge is staying ahead of the curve to foresee what will be relevant 5 years from now with these continuously growing markets. Kineticos Life Sciences white papers provide a unique and different primer on various therapeutic areas, indications, and technologies. We not only offer our position on the associated epidemiology and history, market trends, addressable patient populations, technologies, assets, IP, and relevant competitors, we will take the next step and provide an important view of the future discussing the challenges and possibilities for each of these markets.

A Primer on Regenerative Medicine

The two most groundbreaking and fastest-growing areas of regenerative medicine are cell and gene therapies, with small molecules and biologics, tissue-engineered biomaterials and scaffolds, and implantable devices representing the majority of other sub-areas. Cell therapies utilize fully-differentiated cells and/or progenitor cells to repair diseased tissue and overall body systems, either through an autologous or allogenic pathway. Moreover, the immune properties of these cells can be used as an immunological treatment against pathogens and cancer.

“The relevance of these therapies is illustrated by the fact that, according to a study conducted by BIS Research in 2018, cell therapies have had the fastest compound annual growth rate out of any other regenerative treatment methods.”

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