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Corporate Strategy Biopharmaceutical Practice

We collaborate with biotech leaders to develop and execute customized strategies to drive sustainable value. Our winning strategies combine decades of industry experience with rigorous market research and are developed through the lens of each unique client

Service Lines Include:

R&D Strategy

  • Portfolio Optimization and Rationalization
  • Indication Prioritization
  • NPV Modeling
  • Target Product Profile Development
  • Clinical Development Roadmap
  • Tradeoff Analysis

Commercial Assessment

  • Competitive Landscape Outlook
  • Unmet Medical Needs Assessment
  • White Space Analysis
  • Forecasting

Primary Market Research

  • KOL / HCP Interviews
  • Advisory Boards
  • Quantitative Research
  • Asset Positioning


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R&D Strategy Case Study

Situation: A publicly traded biopharmaceutical company with a novel technology platform approached Kineticos about supporting their R&D strategy. The organization recently licensed one of their lead development programs to a top 10 pharmaceutical company and was in need of replenishing their pipeline.  Because their platform was broadly applicable across indications, there was a need to conduct an objective indication prioritization exercise.

Click here for the full case study including example deliverables.

Commercial Assessment Case Study

Situation: A clinical-stage oncology company with a potentially ground-breaking technology requested Kineticos to help determine which tumor type(s) had the greatest potential to demonstrate patient benefit.  The sponsor was considering 2 tumor types internally and requested that Kineticos conduct a Commercial Assessment to help understand the patient journey, unmet need, and commercial potential of Melanoma as it related to their technology.

Click here for the full case study including example deliverables.

Primary Market Research Case Study

Situation: A fully integrated pharmaceutical company developing a class of immuno-oncology therapies was in need of a deeper understanding of one of their program’s differentiating attributes. Several indications were under consideration and before further investing in clinical and commercial activities, the sponsor needed to gain insights into available therapies, what drives prescriber decisions, and how their unique approach complemented the existing ‘toolkit’.  Thus, Kineticos was asked to conduct a primary research study intended to understand the viability of the approach as well as how the asset could be positioned in the market post-commercialization.

Click here for the full case study including example deliverables.

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