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Commercial Strategy Biopharmaceutical Practice

While FDA approval is a key milestone for any biotech, the ultimate goal is commercial success. After all, an approved drug that doesn’t find its way to patients is a failure. As companies near approval, Kineticos helps mitigate commercial risk by uncovering and getting ahead of potential market access and various other commercial barriers. We help commercial leaders develop business models and conduct scenario planning in aim to ensure commercial success

Service lines include:

Business Model Design

  • Commercialize vs. Partner
  • Regional Strategies
  • Cost / Benefit and ROI Analysis

Market Access

  • Payer Interviews
  • Health Economics (HECON) / Real World Evidence (RWE) Analysis
  • Pricing / Discount Strategies
  • Benchmarking


  • Scenario-based Financial Models
  • Key Assumption Development
  • Peak Year and Beyond Forecasts


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Business Model Design Case Study

Situation: A specialty pharmacy company focused on rare hematological disorders needed support and guidance establishing their ex-US commercialization strategy.  The sponsor had recently experienced a successful US launch but required support evaluating commercialization models for Canada.  The sponsor established some foundational assumptions regarding the market opportunity but needed specific expertise to tease out the unique market factors in order to quantify the opportunity and determine whether to build a commercial infrastructure or to partner the drug.

Click here for the full case study including example deliverables.

Market Access Case Study

Situation: A multinational pharmaceutical company with broad manufacturing capabilities was considering horizontally expanding their portfolio to include biosimilars.  Kineticos was charged with providing a detailed analysis of the market opportunity for two unique biosimilar licensing opportunities, as well as any gaps with respect to resource requirements that such an expansion would necessitate.

Click here for the full case study including example deliverables.

Forecasting Case Study

Situation: A mid-size pharmaceutical company that unexpectedly obtained a marketed therapy in an adjacent therapeutic area as one of their existing therapies was in need of knowing what financial impact the sudden addition would have on the organization.  Given the complexity of the market and potential synergies between the two drugs, it was requested that Kineticos provide a prescription-based forecast model for the newly re-acquired therapy, taking into account factors such as sales force sizing, advertising & promotional spend, pricing, and managed care acceptance.

Click here for the full case study including example deliverables.


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