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Commercial Strategy Biopharmaceutical Practice

Our Commercial Strategy services help biopharmaceutical companies maximize the commercial value of their products across all phases of the product lifecycle.

Service lines include:

Business Model Design

Commercialize vs. Partner

Regional Strategies

Cost / Benefit and ROI Analysis

Market Access

Payer Interviews

Health Economics (HECON) / Real World Evidence (RWE) Analysis

Pricing / Discount Strategies



Scenario-based Financial Models

Key Assumption Development

Peak Year and Beyond Forecasts

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Case Studies
  • Commercial Strategy

    Situation: A mid-size pharmaceutical company unexpectedly obtained a marketed CNS drug and needed to understand the financial impact of various


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  • Portfolio Optimization

    Situation: A fully integrated pharmaceutical company developing a class of immuno-oncology therapies was in need of a deeper understanding of


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  • Portfolio Prioritization – Oncology

    Situation: A publicly traded Oncology company with 3 technology platforms and limited resources was in need of narrowing their focus. 


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  • Oncology Commercial Assessment – Melanoma

    Situation: A clinical-stage oncology company with a potentially ground-breaking technology requested Kineticos to help determine which tumor type(s) had the


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  • Business Development & Licensing

    Situation: An innovative oncology diagnostics company retained Kineticos to assist in developing their pitch deck, as well as developing and


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  • Product Search

    Situation: A drug delivery technology company identified an opportunity to generate additional revenue by acquiring products to further develop and


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  • What Can China Teach Us About CAR-T?

    What Can China Teach Us About CAR T is the final installment of our CAR-T series and discusses how China


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  • Staying the Course

    Written by Mark Osterman, Senior Vice President, Kineticos Kineticos recently announced Q4 2015 results of the Biopharma CEO Confidence Index,


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  • Cell and Gene Therapies: The Path to Commercialization

    Article Preview Regenerative Medicine holds enormous potential for treating and ameliorating many chronic conditions for which we do not yet


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  • Bridges and Barriers to Advancing CAR T Therapy

    One result of the Oncology explosion over the past 10 years has been the advent of CAR T therapy. In


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  • Growth by Acquisition in Life Sciences: Do You Have a Plan?

    Article Preview As the life sciences landscape continually changes, growth by acquisition has become increasingly common. Recent deals, such as


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  • R&D Revolutionaries: Why the Actavis/Allergan Deal Takes a Stand for Biopharma’s True Roots in Innovation

    James Forte of Kineticos takes an in-depth look at the recent Actavis/Allergan deal including the role R&D innovation played in shaping the deal’s outcome. Let’s be candid. It’s been awhile since any biopharma company was able to claim R&D as a core competency with a straight face. Biopharma’s R&D efforts have long been challenged, and rightly so given its output, but the Actavis/Allergan deal shows that the right investment in R&D can revolutionize a business. Could efficient R&D be the new definition of innovation?


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  • Merck KGaA and Bayer Choose Opposite Strategies

    Article Preview Europe’s two largest chemical and drug conglomerates are changing course in starkly opposite ways. As reported in recent


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  • Foundation Medicine and Clovis Expand Partnership

    Article Preview In April 2014, Foundation Medicine and Clovis Oncology announced the expansion of their partnership by developing a companion


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  • Role of Companion Diagnostics in Immuno-oncology Race Unfolding

    Article Preview Important oncology events, including ASCO and ESMO, have recently displayed the fruits of the huge investment drug companies


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  • Bayer to Divest Plastics Unit to Improve R&D, Acquisition Capacity

    Article Preview As reported by Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal, Bayer is expected to announce plans to sell its


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