Precision Medicine Practice

Understanding the Ecosystem for Precision Medicine Companies

The precision medicine industry is growing in importance in the eyes of biopharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers. Initially, diagnostics were viewed as a way to diagnose disease. This has evolved to include companion diagnostic and personalized medicine opportunities that enhance our ability to predict disease and identify response in patients.

The Precision Medicine Practice at Kineticos

The Precision Medicine practice at Kineticos helps diagnostic companies—including labs and tools companies—maximize their commercial potential at the corporate and product levels while ensuring companies operate in an efficient manner.  Our team of industry experts has a technical and commercial understanding of diagnostic technologies such as molecular diagnostics, mass spectrometry, flow cytometry, immunoassay, multiplex technology, and next generation sequencing. This enables Kineticos to employ an innovative approach in each project.

The Precision Medicine practice at Kineticos supports clients across three service areas including:

Corporate Strategy and Development

  • Market, Competitor, Customer Assessments
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Licensing and Acquisitions

Technology and Innovation

  • Technology Assessment
  • R&D Innovation Strategy
  • Co-Development Models

Operational Excellence

  • Gap Analysis and Best Practice Implementation
  • Process Improvement
  • Post Merger Integration

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Case Studies
  • Go-to-Market Strategy and Tactical Deployment Plan

    Situation: A privately held emerging biotech company, with an innovative cancer detection test, retained Kineticos to assist them in effectively


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  • Voice of Customer Study

    Situation: A joint venture between two European companies was looking to maximize the commercial potential of its automated plate reader


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  • Go-To-Market Strategy

    Situation: As a follow up to a pricing study, Kineticos was retained by a specialty laboratory to develop a comprehensive


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  • Business Development & Licensing

    Situation: An innovative oncology diagnostics company retained Kineticos to assist in developing their pitch deck, as well as developing and


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  • Diagnostics Partnering Support

    Situation: An emerging oncology diagnostics company was in need of a Business Development strategy and retained Kineticos to develop such


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  • Pricing Strategy

    Situation: A global central laboratory services company was considering implementing a price increase across their lab services and requested Kineticos


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  • Are Checkpoint Inhibitors Impacting How We Cure Disease?

    Throughout September and October, we have been discussing Precision Medicine and it’s impact on various segments of the life sciences.


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  • Is Precision Medicine Impacting Innovation in Pharma?

    Shailesh and Alan finish their discussion with how there were speculation that precision medicine would reduce innovation in pharma. See


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  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning’s Impact on Companion Diagnostics

    Shailesh and Alan continue their discussion on companion diagnostics and start thinking about how AI and Machine Learning are impacting


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  • Oncology, Rare Diseases, and Regenerative Medicine: Where does Companion Diagnostics fit in each

    Moving on from our Precision Medicine in Neurosciences, Kineticos’ Founder and CEO, Shailesh Maingi, talks with a diagnostics expert on


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  • Companion Diagnostics, Big Data, and New Approaches: How Does Neurosciences Catch Up to Oncology in Precision Medicine?

    In September, we turn our focus onto Precision Medicine and its impact on the life sciences. Kineticos held 3 conversations


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  • 8 Key Principles to Building a Board of Directors

    There are too many great ideas that never reach the surface in our industry and that’s where Kineticos’ newest family


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  • How Metrics Can Help Identify and Solve Operational Challenges

    Article Preview As the sophistication of operational practices across life sciences increases; unfortunately, so do the difficulty and complexity of


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  • Growth by Acquisition in Life Sciences: Do You Have a Plan?

    Article Preview As the life sciences landscape continually changes, growth by acquisition has become increasingly common. Recent deals, such as


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  • Next Generation Sequencing: Using Technology to Develop Mutually-Beneficial Partnerships

    Article Preview Arup Laboratories announced it will begin offering next-generation sequencing (NGS) based high resolution Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) genotyping


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  • Role of Companion Diagnostics in Immuno-oncology Race Unfolding

    Article Preview Important oncology events, including ASCO and ESMO, have recently displayed the fruits of the huge investment drug companies


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  • Merck KGaA Announces Acquisition of Sigma-Aldrich, Increasing Lab Supply Division Growth

    Article Preview Germany’s Merck KGaA has announced the acquisition of Sigma-Aldrich Corporation, a global life sciences tools (LST) firm, based


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  • Outsourcing as Opportunity

    Article Preview An article published in FiercePharma discussed the top 10 largest pharma layoffs in 2013. Whenever layoffs are announced


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