Kineticos is composed of a team of industry professionals with extensive, varying backgrounds in a range of life science organizations. The experts at Kineticos are pleased to rely on their vast, diverse experience to provide valuable insights into a variety of topics and concerns relating to life sciences.  Below is a complete listing of the categories of Kineticos’ expertise, so browse the following pages to find the key insights you are seeking. If you would like to be notified when new content is posted, please Subscribe to our Industry Insights.

   Insights from Experience – Videos

Insights from experience is an educational Kineticos video series on various strategic topics in the life sciences industry. Hear from our experts as they break down topics like how to conduct primary research studies, how to have a successful licensing meeting, and how to operate in a virtual world.

   Panel Discussions

Kineticos continues to host live and relevant panel discussions via Zoom considering relevant trends, inflection points, and others issues influencing life sciences markets, including COVID-19, and how they directly and indirectly impact companies looking at Corporate Strategy, Business Development and Licensing, and Commercial Execution implications.

     The Disruptor26 Podcast Series

The Disruptor26 is a new podcast series from Kineticos Life Sciences Founder and CEO, Shailesh Maingi. See inside the public adventures and private challenges that have shaped the lives of 26 maverick individuals working to disrupt the life science industry; and learn what drives them and their success. Join Shailesh as these mavericks share their personal stories, including the insights and ideas that led them to their innovative and transformative approaches impacting the current and complex life sciences ecosystem. Throughout the next year, Shailesh will engage 26 scientists and entrepreneurs in one-on-one discussions about careers, family and work-life balance, significant challenges, celebrated successes, accepted failures, and the future of life science and healthcare.

Landscapes – Scientific White Papers

The life sciences and therapeutic landscapes are incredibly dynamic and rapidly changing. What was relevant 5 years ago is more than likely outdated and mute today. The real challenge is staying ahead of the curve to foresee what will be relevant 5 years from now with these continuously growing markets. Kineticos Life Sciences white papers provide a unique and different primer on various therapeutic areas, indications, and technologies. We not only offer our position on the associated epidemiology and history, market trends, addressable patient populations, technologies, assets, IP, and relevant competitors, we will take the next step and provide an important view of the future discussing the challenges and possibilities for each of these markets.

Roadmaps – How To’s

The life sciences landscape is complex and defining a successful business strategy is challenging. Many companies struggle to create that roadmap; and differentiation is often their greatest obstacle. You know you need great science, an unmet need, strong intellectual property, a high-quality team, a network of advisors, and above all, financing. But how do you answer these questions: What makes you different? How do you differentiate? Kineticos takes a different approach with our How-To primers. We will, of course, share how to address important steps when building your successful life science business. But unlike other How-To’s, Kineticos translates decades of industry experience and hundreds of consulting engagements into unique perspectives, unconventional approaches, and potentially disruptive methodology not only suggesting how you can build and execute a successful business strategy; we can together answer the question, “What makes you different?”

Biopharma Confidence Index

The most valuable insights we can provide are those of industry leaders:  To view current and past results of the Kineticos Biopharma CEO Confidence Index, the first and only forward-looking indicator designed to measure C-suite sentiment and confidence in the biopharma industry’s economy.

Case Studies

Kineticos has supported its clients over the past 12 years to solve their most challenging problems. Below are the examples of what the problem was, how we solved it, and ultimately what the outcome was for our clients.