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R&D Innovation Consulting Enhancing R&D for Sustainable Innovation

Research and Development efforts are a fundamental component of success in the life sciences industry. But, optimizing R&D efforts can be challenging and costly in these highly-competitive, ever-changing markets. Kineticos specializes in providing our clients valuable in R&D consulting services designed to enhance R&D operations, increase and expedite innovation, and promote long-term, sustainable profitability.

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Ideation to Commercial

Kineticos works alongside our clients to foster an R&D operations culture designed to generate a high volume of new ideas, evaluate new ideas efficiently, and transform the most innovative and promising ideas into marketable products, maximizing return on investment.

Financial, Market, and Technical Assessments

The life science industry experts at Kineticos specialize in leveraging our scientific, operational, and business expertise to evaluate the feasibility of our clients’ products. This assessment, combined with our extensive market research and product development knowledge, enables us to deliver data-driven operational and market insights that inform your R&D strategy.

Product Portfolio Roadmap

Kineticos understands that the optimization of product portfolios is a significant and evolving challenge for life science firms. The ability to distribute available time, money, and staff optimally requires a delicate mix of experience, expertise, and insight. Kineticos assists clients by supplementing their expertise and experience while providing data-driven insights to support key product development decisions.

Co-Development Models

Enterprise-wide collaborations between customers, vendors, and research institutions present unique, complex challenges. These include articulating expectations, managing resources, maintaining an effective workflow, aligning incentives, and overall project execution. Kineticos helps manage the relationships between all collaborators, ensuring the best use of resources, optimal strategies, and maximum profitability.

R&D Market Analysis

A 3-phase Horizon analysis is designed to establish a clear, effective strategy for enhancing R&D innovation and performance. Horizon 1 involves comparing clients’ current products to competitors’, establishing what new products may be developed in the next 6-12 months. Horizon 2 focuses on clients’ current assets and technologies along with research from adjacent markets to determine products and services which could be developed in the next 12-24 months. In Horizon 3, we evaluate product ideas from adjacent markets and technologies which could be developed in 24-48 months. This strategic approach to prioritizing and executing new R&D initiatives gains our clients enhanced return on investment.

Balanced Scorecard

Setting concrete expectations with measurable outcomes is a crucial component to your company’s successful R&D innovation. Kineticos helps our clients select the variables necessary to understand the true performance of their product development processes. We then design a measurement plan to track and understand which components of the process are underperforming before developing and executing a remediation strategy that involves the overall health of the process.

Companion Diagnostics (CDx) Co-Development Strategy

Companion diagnostics companies often experience challenges aligning timelines and business models with their biopharmaceutical and diagnostics partners. CDx co-development from Kineticos involves interlinking and reconciling disparate timelines and investments, creating an optimal clinical development cycle and improving the profitability of commercial success alongside the appropriate targeted therapies.

Case Studies, Articles, and Blog

Kineticos Life Sciences helps clients enhance their R&D operations, increase and expedite innovation, and drive sustainable profitability.

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