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Mergers and Acquisitions Consulting Kineticos Helps Clients Maximize Returns on Investment

Successful investing in the life sciences sector requires a unique level of experience, knowledge, and understanding. At Kineticos Life Sciences, each staff member brings an extensive and highly-diversified background in the life sciences industry, giving clients the expert life sciences consulting services needed to navigate mergers and acquisitions with the utmost confidence.

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Investment Taxonomy

Maximizing the returns on any investment requires a precise understanding of the current investment landscape. Kineticos excels in the precise classification of market factors affecting our clients investments, helping target the most advantageous investments for maximum ROI.

Deal Origination and New Candidate Scouting

Kineticos provides valuable consulting services for private equity clients to help them determine what type and size of company in which to consider investing. We rely on our decades of industry experience and our extensive professional networks to scout new investment candidates.

Diligence of Candidates

The experts at Kineticos specialize in helping private equity firms quantify and assess a range of details surrounding the companies they are considering for investment, including risk levels and profit potentials. Our expertise ensures our clients are able to determine the most appropriate candidate to meet their unique investment needs.

Investment Thesis

Developing, drafting, and implementing an effective, actionable investment thesis is a crucial part of successful investing. Kineticos is capable of helping clients assess all of the details and considerations surrounding investment candidates, both at the micro and macro levels. We then carefully and skillfully merge these considerations into clear, powerful candidate assessments and strategies for strong, ongoing returns.

Valuation Metrics

In private equity, understanding precisely how much to pay for a particular investment is fundamental to success. Our unique levels of experience in the life sciences industry gives us exceptional insight into the proper valuation of life science companies for well-informed investing and maximum profitability.

Executive and Board Recruiting

Finding qualified, passionate, like-minded executives and board members can be an enormous challenge. After gaining a precise understanding of our client organization and the open position, Kineticos utilizes a vast professional network to find and recruit ideal candidates for these high-level positions in the life sciences industry.

Divestment Consulting

Kineticos works with companies to identify potential strategic and financial buyers for life science companies. Our process involves identifying and selecting the optimal timing of an exit or spinoff and developing relationships with potential acquirers. We support your firm through the divestment process to ensure an orderly transition for the company or division to its new status.


For organizations seeking to integrate new acquisitions into their existing business models, Kineticos provides experienced integration consulting services. Our industry experts excel at developing and implementing effective plans for incorporating new tangible and soft capital into clients’ organizations, yielding efficient, dynamic, and profitable results without the hassle.

Case Studies, Articles, and Blog

Our diversified experience and knowledge in the life science industry enables us to help our clients maximize their returns on investment.

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