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Operational Excellence Consulting Designed to Foster Continuing Improvement

Kineticos serves clients in the life sciences industries, providing experienced operational excellence consulting services designed to support long-term improvement and growth. Focused on finding the root of problems rather than simply treating systems, Kineticos’ approach to operational excellence is specifically tailored to the individual needs of each client. Our operational experts work alongside our clients, helping them identify issues, select ideal strategies, implement targeted initiatives, and monitor execution to ensure sustainable, measurable results.

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Review of Current Status

As an operational strategy consultant, the experienced team at Kineticos assesses our clients’ current operations, processes, and standard operating procedures. Using our expertise, we highlight areas for improvement and then lay out concrete, actionable plans for optimizing each component of operations for maximum effectiveness and profitability.

Internal Process Maps

Kineticos’ staff is composed of life sciences industry experts with extensive, diversified backgrounds in the life science sector. This enables us to evaluate our clients’ internal processes and then create optimized process maps based on our knowledge and understanding of industry best practices.

RACI Design

Using the RACI model, Kineticos helps bring structure and clarity to our clients’ operations and processes by thoroughly laying out the roles that every project stakeholder plays. By breaking projects down into each task, milestone, or key decision, we establish who is responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed at each point. This clarification results in better operational excellence, greater efficiency, fewer mistakes, and enhanced profitability.

Industry Best Practices

With a thorough knowledge of all facets of the life sciences industries, Kineticos helps clients determine who in their industry is the most effective, profitable, and successful. Then, by understanding their competitors’ operational “best practices,” Kineticos is able to support our clients in updating and enhancing their own operational excellence without having to “reinvent the wheel.”

Real-Time Dashboards

The market research and data analytic experts at Kineticos provide valuable real-time metrics and analytics services to our clients. We work closely with our clients to create a tailored, real-time dashboard of the metrics most valuable to your business. By implementing these data-driven dashboards, clients are able to understand the health of their business, identify and track trends, and anticipate potential problems before they happen.

Lean and Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma helps clients achieve operational speed, quality, cost reduction, and customer satisfaction in the delivery of products and services. Our experts help clients address strategic priorities and transform operations by removing waste and driving high-quality business processes through the integration of the proven improvement methodologies of Lean (speed) and Six Sigma (quality).


Kineticos supports client laboratories and CROs with specialized laboratory information management systems (LIMS) which are custom-tailored to meet each of their unique needs. These systems are designed to help handle the vast, complex sets of mostly-anonymized data generated by our clients while aiding their reporting to various regulatory bodies.

Case Studies, Articles, and Blog

By focusing on the root of inefficiencies instead of simply treating symptoms, Kineticos helps clients identify issues and implement effective adjustments.

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