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Sales and Go-to-Market Consulting Marketing and Sales Consulting from Kineticos

Kineticos provides expert life science marketing and sales consulting services, including optimizing sales team performance, creating value propositions, and more. Our team of life science industry professionals rely on their extensive, diverse experience to help our clients develop and implement effective strategies improve sales volume, increase customer loyalty, and prepare for the future.

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Effectiveness Review

Beginning by assessing clients’ current sales force performance, Kineticos evaluates an array key performance indicators and compares these metrics against benchmarks set by the best sales teams in the life sciences industries. By analyzing critical gaps in performance, a more cohesive and effective sales approach can then be identified and pursued.

Segmented Value Propositions

Recognizing the proper target market segments for products is fundamental to successful, profitable, and durable sales strategies. Kineticos specializes in expert market research and analysis to pinpoint market segments for life sciences products and services. After these market segments are identified, we then create impactful value propositions to describe these products and services most effectively based on the targeted markets.

Thought Leadership

Developing a compelling thought leadership program is often an underutilized practice in the life sciences industries, yet such programs add significant value for virtually any organization. Kineticos excels at recognizing experts within organizations, helping these experts articulate their knowledge, and then channeling this expertise into a resonating, worthwhile thought leadership program.

Loyalty Metrics and Pricing

By utilizing thorough market research to gain a precise understanding of customers’ brand loyalty and trust, Kineticos helps clients adjust pricing to maximize profits without sacrificing market share. This process includes leveraging net promoter scores to learn how best to attract and develop relationships with the most profitable customers in the marketplace.

Compensation Plan Development

The nature of an organization’s variable compensation plan has a significant influence on sales team performance. Our sales expertise, gained from significant experience in the life sciences industry, enables us to evaluate our clients’ objectives for their sales team and their performance. This understanding allows us to develop and implement an effective compensation plan custom tailored to each client’s specific goals and their sales team’s composition and dynamic.

Account and Territory Plans

Tactical sales planning and implementation is a challenging yet crucial component to the success of any life science sales force. Kineticos delivers significant value to clients by helping to organize sales forces and match their members with the most suitable accounts and territories. The result is consistently turning prospects into customers, gaining more business, and regaining lost customers.

Structure and Alignment

The right structure, organization, alignment, and resources for a sales team can be challenging to establish and implement. We help our clients by analyzing their needs, goals, market forces, and competitive dynamics to determine their optimum sales team structure and alignment. Then, we design a sales alignment conversion plan and assist with every facet of the transition process to make our clients’ sales forces as efficient and effective as possible.

Performance Management

Using an effectiveness review to identify areas for improvement in our clients’ sales forces is just the beginning of the process with Kineticos. By executing a custom-targeted plan to correct the deficiencies, Kineticos uses sales force training and motivational techniques to ensure each sales team member is performing to their highest potential, enhancing overall sales volume.

CDx Co-Commercialization Strategy

When launching a new targeted therapy alongside a companion diagnostics device, special care must be taken to ensure collaboration and congruity of the sales strategies for each. Kineticos delivers unique, in-depth expertise in the co-commercialization strategies for companion diagnostics and targeted therapies, ensuring maximum launch performance for both components.

Case Studies, Articles, and Blog

Kineticos’s experienced team of life science professionals finds powerful strategies for enhancing clients’ sales volume and customer loyalty.

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