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Strategic Sourcing Consulting Services Making the Most of Your Outsourcing Operations

Through our team’s extensive and highly-diversified experience in the life sciences industry, Kineticos recognizes the value of effective strategic sourcing and outsourcing. We also understand that most vendor relationships can be improved for enhanced profitability. Our strategic sourcing consulting services are customized to meet the individual needs of each organization we serve, ensuring our clients experience the maximum value from their strategic relationships.

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Sourcing Process, Alignment, and Metrics

Kineticos’ extensive professional network and vast experience enables us to help clients identify the perfect vendors for a wide range of outsourced projects. Once identified, our team supports the negotiation of the structure and expectations that will govern the relationship to ensure our clients’ gain the most value possible while minimizing risk.

Best Practices Alignment

By comparing our clients’ operations with the most trusted, effective, and profitable organizations in the industry, we help them improve through the use of industry “best practices.” Our established and proprietary analytical techniques are used to examine processes against best practices, and our expert management of relationships ensures successful implementation of new processes for sustainable success.

Vendor Consolidation

Many organizations in the life sciences industries rely on a long list of vendors for their operations. Kineticos specializes in helping clients consolidate vendors, yielding better contracts through higher volume and fewer vendor relationships to manage. This often results in significant cost savings without harming productivity or quality.

Master Vendor Performance Indicators

By examining clients’ existing vendor relationships, Kineticos is able to identify inefficiencies and opportunities that, when addressed, lower costs while improving service and quality. We monitor supplier performance by tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) to optimize each vendor to your business, clinical, clinical, and operational needs, resulting in time and cost savings and higher-quality services.

Emerging Providers

Often, smaller, more agile, and niche vendors can meet our clients’ needs more effectively than the larger, better-known providers. Kineticos relies on significant experience and a vast professional network to help our clients understand all of their options and ultimately choose the vendors which are best suited to their specific requirements.

Alliance and Vendor Management

Kineticos has the industry knowledge and communication skills necessary to provide effective vendor management services for clients in the life sciences industry. Selection and management of these outsourcing relationships for our clients ensures the ideal fit and anticipated outcomes while freeing up existing staff to focus on enhancing your business’s value.

CDx Partner Selection and Management

The co-development of targeted therapies and companion diagnostics often creates tension between the partnered drug developer and the test developer. Kineticos specializes in helping clients select the right co-development partners, manage timelines, and build lasting relationships to ensure an optimal clinical development cycle and maximum commercial success.

Lab Sourcing

Choosing the best laboratory partners is a very challenging process and directly impacts the outcome of our clients’ clinical trials. Our vast experience in the life sciences industries and our extensive professional network makes us uniquely suited to working with clients to select the best laboratory partners for your company’s specific needs. We are pleased to help clients create and manage beneficial and lasting relationships with laboratories who exceed their expectations.

Case Studies, Articles, and Blog

Kineticos helps life science organizations make the most of their outsourcing efforts with extensive expertise and a vast professional network.

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