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Kineticos Strategy and Growth Consulting Proven Expertise for Targeted Strategy and Growth Solutions

Kineticos delivers vast experience and knowledge in strategy and growth consulting in life sciences industries. We specialize in using market research, competitive analysis, and our industry expertise to develop customized strategies for strategic planning and sustainable growth initiatives.

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Primary Market Research

Our broad and extensive experience in the life sciences industries enables us to identify your key challenges and custom tailor market research programs to address them. We collect the right information, use it to develop data-driven insights, and then work with you to synthesize our analyses into optimal strategic growth strategies.

Internal and Financial Review

We apply established and proprietary management tools to assess the internal structure, capabilities, and limitations of your organization. Working alongside your staff, we optimize management, sales, and operations reporting structures to complement your strategic growth plan. We also examine existing and new financial metrics to enhance your life science company’s ability to launch new initiatives and course correct as your strategic plan is implemented. This helps prevent problems, enables quick, agile responses to challenges, and saves money.

Industry Trends, Market Forces, and View of the Future

The global life sciences industries are constantly, rapidly changing and evolving, creating unique challenges for your organization. To respond to these challenges, we help you analyze your markets with an emphasis on future-oriented global trends. Looking to the future enables us to develop insightful market forecasts for informed decision making, enhanced strategic planning, and improved profitability.

Competitive Advantage and Value Propositions

Your organization needs to develop and maintain a durable competitive advantage to find sustainable success in your rapidly-changing life science markets. Kineticos specializes in analyzing customer, prospect, and market data to determine your company’s position in the market, define your market ambition, and design and implement initiatives to keep you ahead of the competition. We also deliver significant expertise in developing value propositions, helping you develop narratives which most effectively resonate with your potential buyers.

Organizational Imperatives

Organizational change management is a crucial part of implementing your identified growth initiatives. We work with you to develop a customized plan to adapt your organizational imperatives into your overall corporate culture while helping your employees adopt new practices productively. Our experience and specialized tools enable us to prioritize your difficult changes for maximum efficiency and timely completion.

Initiatives Execution

Kineticos understands the best strategies for implementing your growth initiatives to drive change within your organization most effectively. We will help you identify, develop, and execute these strategies, working with your staff to align your internal resources with your optimal strategy and generate the desired growth.

Diagnostic Architecture Planning

As a pharmaceutical company, it is crucial to invest in understanding the current influence of testing on the patient pathway, yet these powerful diagnostic test results are often ignored by commercialization teams. Kineticos has the expertise needed to help you understand your influence on the patient pathway to optimize patient response and enhance your bottom line.

Companion Diagnostics (CDx) Readiness

Companion Diagnostics (CDx) places a range of new requirements on diagnostic developers’ systems, including regulations, reimbursement, and partnering with biopharma and global laboratories. Though the infrastructure required is not an enormous investment, it does need to be highly targeted to achieve success in the precision medicine marketplace. The experts at Kineticos will help you navigate this infrastructure to gain maximum value from CDx.

Case Studies, Articles, and Blog

With extensive life science industry experience, Kineticos uses market research and competitive analysis to promote sustainable growth.

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