A multinational pharmaceutical company with broad manufacturing capabilities was considering horizontally expanding their portfolio to include biosimilars. Kineticos was charged with providing a detailed overview of the potential market opportunity and payer/prescriber adoption patterns for two unique biosimilar opportunities, as well as any gaps with respect to resource requirements that such an expansion would necessitate.


The engagement was commenced by conducting secondary market research (disease/treatment overview, market success factors, competitive landscape, etc.) to provide the sponsor with insights about the market opportunity and barriers to entry for both US and EU markets. Next, Kineticos identified, recruited and conducted 35 primary research interviews with prescribers, payers and patients advocacy groups to better understand unmet need, market acceptance, reimbursement landscape, etc. Upon concluding the research, Kineticos,

  • Mapped the sponsor’s commercial strengths and weaknesses with market need for each potential biosimilar opportunity
  • Identified synergies and gaps related to the sponsors’ sales force, therapeutic focus, medical affairs, reimbursement, marketing, etc.
  • Provided revenue forecasts with three scenarios – low, high, and base-case


Upon concluding the primary and secondary research, it became apparent that one of the potential opportunities was much more aligned with the sponsor’s strategy than the other. The deliverable was presented to the leadership team and was subsequently leveraged throughout strategy meetings with company investors.