A fully integrated Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization was merging with a company with overlapping capabilities and requested that Kineticos support their rebranding strategy. The sponsor needed to understand the existing performance of each brand across service offerings and geographies so that they could maintain optimal brand strength during the rebranding process.


Given that each company served unique markets, Kineticos developed and launched two (2) customized studies to each merging company’s respective customer base. The intent of each study was to understand how customers perceived each brand as it related to general awareness, strengths, weaknesses, as well as how each brand performed compared to their competitors. To provide a more comprehensive understanding of overall brand strength, Kineticos also developed an internal brand perception studies for key stakeholders from each company to submit.


Kineticos efficiently recruited a statistically significant sample for each study and provided the sponsor with an in-depth analysis of each brand’s overall strength. The sponsor leveraged the data to determine which components of each brand to retain and which components to eliminate moving forward.