A publicly traded pharmaceutical company looking to bolster their existing portfolio asked Kineticos to provide them with a comparative analysis of business models for in-licensing a complimentary asset.


Kineticos assessed multiple business models (co-development, JV, and other unique engagement models) as follows:

  • Analysis of potential models based on analogs and benchmarks
  • Researched and determined all critical and negotiable attributes of each model
  • Assessed by indication, region, and development strategy
  • Organized attributes by value and prioritization

Kineticos compiled the assessment into a presentation for the sponsor, along with recommendations for pursuing a model with the best strategic fit.


The report, in addition to a shift in company resources, indicated an M&A transaction with a alternative biopharmaceutical company would yield greater return with regards to realizing full commercial potential. The sponsor subsequently retained Kineticos to provide diligence and negotiation support for the new target company.