A global central laboratory looking to identify process efficiencies and cost savings opportunities across their operational team asked Kineticos to perform an in-depth review of the current processes, tools and organizational structure supporting project delivery.


After reviewing all pertinent internal documentation, Kineticos performed an on-site review to determine how actual process compared to documented process.  The on-site review consisted of conducting interviews with the executive team as well as functional leaders in the below areas:

  • Project management
  • Investigator services
  • Data management
  • Quality systems
  • IT systems and tools

Kineticos leveraged the information gathered during the documentation review and interview process to identify key operational challenges and recommendations for improved effectiveness and efficiency.


The sponsor was provided 25+ actionable recommendations aimed to improved process flow and reduce FTE headcount by 20%. Kineticos leveraged a horizon approach and grouped the recommendations into 3 categories.

  • Horizon 1 (Immediate Recommendations) – Update process flows and org. structure, formalize proposal process, establish minimum turn around time, etc.
  • Horizon 2 (Near-term Recommendations) – Create unified test database, create forecasting tool, develop functional training programs, etc.
  • Horizon 3 (Long-term Recommendations) – Upgrade software, add lot tracking functionality, re-engineer IT ticketing process/system, etc.