Executives at a global biopharmaceutical service organization were charged with increasing earnings to keep pace with prior successful years. The client held strong competitive positions in their core manufacturing and distribution businesses, but recognized such services provided limited margin expansion opportunity.

Kineticos was retained to conduct a comprehensive analysis of clinical trial services market opportunity to determine if adding such a service offering was feasible and accretive to current EBTA and margin expansion mandates.


Kineticos conducted the following steps to gather necessary insights:

  1. Internal analysis to understand strengths and weaknesses of current capabilities, including existing ad-hoc clinical trial service offerings
  2. Customer needs assessment to identify specific services of interest to current and prospective customers
  3. Market size and growth assessment for each service offeringof interest to customers and our client
  4. Competitive landscape analysis to identify competitive risks and potential market share
  5. Pro forma financial estimates to identify expected revenue and profitability at various time and investment horizons

Various market insights, assessments and estimates were then leveraged to develop a number of go-to-market strategies aligning with various levels of risk, investment and profitability.


Upon presenting its findings and recommendations to the executive team, Kineticos was retained to support the implementation of a pilot program designed to offer select services to key customer segments while gradually developing internal operations necessary for a large scale offering.