A clinical-stage oncology company with a potentially ground-breaking technology requested Kineticos to help determine which tumor type(s) had the greatest potential to demonstrate patient benefit.  The sponsor was considering 2 tumor types internally and requested that Kineticos conduct a Commercial Assessment to help understand the patient journey, unmet need, and commercial potential of Melanoma as it related to their technology.


After thoroughly examining data provided by the sponsor, Kineticos performed an in-depth analysis of the market through secondary market research, including disease overview, market success factors, and competitive landscape analysis (including pipeline analysis and clinical trials design considerations). Kineticos also recruited prescriber and payer Key Opinion Leaders and conducted primary research interviews in order to better understand the complexities of prescribing, pricing, and reimbursement with consideration given towards competitor pipeline therapies. Kineticos then synthesized all of the information gathered to create a theoretical Target Product Profile, which was then leveraged to generate a sales forecast model along with a corresponding risk-adjusted NPV.


Kineticos was able to provide the sponsor with an extremely nuanced view of the complex market and data-driven recommendation for commercial opportunity and strategic alignment. The comprehensive assessment ultimately provided the sponsor with enough data and confidence to justify following Kineticos’ recommendations.