A global clinical research organization (CRO) was experiencing stagnating growth in their bioanalytical, central and cGMP laboratories. When it was critical to perform a broad and deep evaluation of the productivity and commercial effectiveness of the sales force, the CRO relied on Kineticos. At the time, the CRO faced multiple challenges including:

  • Proposal win rates below market norms
  • Increasing competition
  • Lower sales force productivity than the competition
  • Growing sales force costs
  • Incomplete sales activity records


Working from a data-driven perspective, the Kineticos team began with an analysis of five years of sales force and proposal data. We focused on the following areas to examine and improve revenue growth: organizational structure, compensation program, segmentation and targeting, sales force account and territory planning, compensation programs, sales force capabilities and pricing. Project activities included:

  • Analysis of central, bioanalytical, cGMP and vaccine laboratory authorizations, awards, losses by territory and sponsor over six year period
  • Review and analysis of sales plans by laboratory offering and territory
  • Individual interviews with key business directors, marketing team and managers
  • Voice of Customer (VOC) execution and analysis
  • Review of internal business development structure and alignment to goals
  • Assessment of call quality, including gaining access to customers, providing them with tailored information to meet their needs and obtaining commitment


We recommended executable solutions aimed for sustained improvement including an optimal organizational structure, revised compensation program, a new approach to segmentation and targeting, a revised account and territory plan for the sales team and an in-depth pricing study.


As a result of the sales force marketing evaluation, the CRO implemented multiple change initiatives. Significant productivity improvements have been realized. Sales force activity levels and proposal win rates increased significantly within a one-year period.