A leading global provider of product development services retained Kineticos to better align its market positioning with customer needs and compete with a growing list of CRO competitors in the US and Europe. A Comparative Advantage Analysis was launched to identify the most attractive market segments to compete in and capture market share.


The Comparative Advantage Analysis included 3 primary components.

  1. Market Opportunity Assessment

Kineticos defined the market based on customer needs and services offered by the client and the client’s competitors and assigned a calculated value to each segment based on estimated demand and customer willingness to pay.

  1. Competitive Landscape Analysis

Kineticos identified the top 10 competitors in each of the targeted market segments and mapped each competitor’s market participation strategy, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor.

  1. Internal Capability Assessment

Kineticos conducted an internal review of the client’s capabilities, including, service offerings, delivery capabilities, pricing, proposal and sales strategies and finally perceptions of the firm’s quality and value from current and prospective customers.


The data was aggregated and consolidated into a comparative advantage analysis report, which was used to guide strategic investments of staff, IT resources, and sales and marketing budgets into the most profitable market segments and served as a benchmark from which several key departments would develop their departmental growth strategies.