A global life science and diagnostic tools company was experiencing rapid growth of their custom product business. As demands on their existing processes were challenged with these increased volumes, the company recognized critical issues that would limit growth. First, the front-end process of gathering and communicating detailed customer requirements was inadequate, convoluted and lacked documentation. Second, the process of communicating specifications and requirements across Sourcing, Manufacturing and Quality Assurance/Regulatory Affairs had critical gaps that often resulted in missed connections and information.


Working with leadership from our sponsor’s commercial, operations, supply chain and quality teams, Kineticos first mapped the existing process from initial inquiry through final delivery. Due to lack of formal documentation, this assessment required detailed interviews of team members and reviews of earlier project e-mail trails to determine data requirements and flow. After understanding current practices, we worked with the sponsor team to develop a much more efficient and streamlined process. To ensure a successful transition, we developed a range of tools to capture and process data. We also provided detailed documentation and training for the new process to ensure full uptake and compliance with the sponsor’s quality management system (QMS) and ISO requirements.


The sponsor successfully transitioned to the new process soon after our redesign and training. We worked with their teams to continually refine the process and apply it to a broader range of customized processes within their portfolio. With reduced cycle time and increased predictability, they experienced cost savings, increased customer satisfaction, improved forecasting accuracy and enhanced capacity management.