An instruments/consumables manufacture serving the biopharmaceutical market was keen to entering into the bioprocessing market. In order to gain a broader understanding of the market potential, Kineticos was retained to perform an assessment of the bioanalytical tools market used specifically in in bioprocessing and bioprocessing quality control.


Kineticos commenced with the identifying the size, growth and relevant trends in the bioprocessing market. A top down market approach was conducted to better understand what % of bioprocessing testing is performed in house vs. outsourced. Subsequently, Kineticos launched a customer buying preferences study designed to provide insight into the below areas.

  • Strengths and weaknesses of competing technologies
  • Suppliers/Manufactures of competing technologies
  • Customer willingness to switch technologies
  • Buyer profiles (Decision maker vs. Influencer)
  • Customer outsourcing habits


Kineticos provided senior leadership with an overview of the market opportunity along with a synopsis of how their technology would fit in the current and future market. Additionally, the sponsor was able to leverage key insights from the online survey analysis to improve their value proposition and marketing materials.