An emerging oncology diagnostics company was in need of a Business Development strategy and retained Kineticos to develop such a strategy and subsequently generate demand and build their sales pipeline. The sponsor was confident their technology was valuable to the market but lacked internal resources and expertise to meet their commercial objectives.


Kineticos initially spent the time to fully understand the corporate objectives and ambitions for the company.  Next, Kineticos conducted an assessment of the technology to develop a S.W.O.T. analysis, which fed into customized value propositions.  Upon establishing appropriate positioning for the technology, Kineticos created a pitch deck that effectively communicated the market value in a compelling manner.  While developing the pitch deck, Kineticos leveraged a methodical targeting exercise to identify and prioritize over 250 target companies that could benefit from the sponsor’s technology. Kineticos commenced the outreach by reaching out to known industry contacts but soon followed with customized campaigns to unknown target companies and individuals.


During the initial 6 months, Kineticos was successful in achieving a 9% meeting rate, yielding 22 meetings with unique companies.  9 of the 22 initial meetings progressed, of which 7 entered into confidentiality agreements to discuss specific details of a partnership. Kineticos supported the partnering meetings, which consisted of both teleconferences, as well as face-to-face meetings, by playing an active role in preparing, presenting, scoping, proposal development, and all aspects related to the sales process.  Kineticos exceeded the sponsor’s expectations during first term (6 months) and opted to use internal resources to progress the opportunities Kineticos generated.  Upon parting ways, the sponsor expected to start realizing revenue from Kineticos’ efforts within 3-6 calendar months.