As a follow up to a pricing study, Kineticos was retained by a specialty laboratory to develop a comprehensive strategy designed to help the client double in revenue in the next 4 years. This engagement was split into two phases: the first phase was data gathering on key competitive, market, pipeline, and technology intelligence, and the second phase was the Go To Market Strategy, incorporating data from the previous phase, as well as Kineticos unique industry expertise.


In the first phase of the project, Kineticos worked with the client to identify key areas of focus in the data gathering. Kineticos then conducted secondary research utilizing multiple proprietary data sources. After presenting the data gathering to the client’s executive team, Kineticos then developed a comprehensive Go-To-Market Strategy that provided a series of data driven recommendations to double the client’s business in 4 years, complete with a customizable, interactive financial forecast.


The client implemented many of the recommendations and is likely to retain Kineticos in the near term to execute on the key priorities identified in the report.