An emerging oncology company with a novel technology requested Kineticos’ support with establishing a development path for their clinically predictive technology. The sponsor needed to understand the technology’s value and potential role in clinical development and requested that Kineticos assist with engaging oncology Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).


Kineticos’ was first tasked with enhancing the sponsor’s presentation to ensure the technology was positioned as compelling and first in class. Subsequently, a discussion guide designed to extract key strengths, weaknesses and potential applications was carefully developed. With an understanding of what information was most relevant to the sponsor, Kineticos identified, recruited and conducted interviews with 10 KOLs having direct experience with designing oncology trials.


As a result of the KOL interviews, the sponsor obtained a nuanced and thorough understanding of the needs of potential partners as well as patients with regards to their technology. The KOLs also provided validation of interest in their technology from the scientific, medical, and biopharma communities. Immediately after the conclusion of the engagement, Kineticos was asked to support very similar initiative, this time focusing on facilitating partnering meetings with a very targeted list of potential pharmaceutical collaborators.