When a new leader of a leading global clinical research organization (CRO) needed market research to better understand healthcare market trends and the clinical trials laboratory market, they relied on Kineticos. In the fast-paced and changing market, the CRO leader needed market research and trends analysis for bioanalytical, central and cGMP laboratories. At the time, the CRO did not have quality information on the market, particularly competitor data. They needed us to provide the external perspective so they could improve commercial direction and operational efficiencies, as well as to make strategic, data-driven decisions.


Kineticos’ research began with an in-depth review of the healthcare market and overall market trends for clinical trials laboratory services. Our research for each of the three laboratories included: market size and growth; key drivers, trends and opportunities; market segmentation; porter analysis and competitive reviews.


Kineticos provided a broad and deep market research report that enabled the CRO leadership team to initiate strategic advances. We also provided critical data to inform acquisition strategies. Internal teams also relied on the research for business case development and work.