A senior leader at Kineticos, while serving as an executive at a top 5 pharmaceutical company, was tasked with evaluating the expansion into the biologic therapeutic area for a diabetes treatment.  The company’s objective was to target GLP-1 with an antibody or fusion protein as an agonist, which was a first-in-class agent at the time.  To justify the investment required to launch such a program, the company was in need of a comprehensive commercial analysis for the breakthrough therapy expected to impact practice and treatment protocols


Through primary and secondary market research and the use of proven commercial models, the team conducted a comprehensive market assessment that included the below components, which were weaved into a scalable commercial and clinical development plan.

  • Disease overview
  • Treatment evaluation of current and future therapies
  • Target product profile with an attribute sensitivity assessment
  • Asset valuation
  • Revenue assessment
  • Go / No-Go Decision Tree Analysis


Using a validated financial model, the total asset value was identified and its allure played a significant role in advising the executive team to move forward with the investment. Having a fact-based commercial analysis provided the company with enough data to confidently approve the investment decision and initiate the program.

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