A publicly traded Oncology company with 3 technology platforms and limited resources was in need of narrowing their focus.  Their next generation cancer vaccine technology had applicability to 14 unique cancer tumor types but given the need to narrow their focus, the sponsor retained Kineticos to conduct a portfolio prioritization exercise.  The primary objective of the engagement was to objectively select 2-5 scientifically promising tumor types that also presented commercial opportunity.


First, Kineticos focused on understanding the current state, the clinical utility and most importantly, the strategic intent of the platform.  Subsequently, Kineticos and the sponsor identified 9 key risk indicators that would serve as the backbone of an objective scoring/ranking tool.  Next, Kineticos combed proprietary databases as well as publicly available information to understand the strategic, disease, market and technical risks factors associated with each tumor type.  Finally, Kineticos assigned an overall weighted score to each tumor type and produced a prioritized list of tumor types to the sponsor.


In addition to a prioritized tumor list, Kineticos was able to deliver tumor overviews and disease snapshots for each tumor type.  Having overviews as well as an objective score for each tumor enabled the sponsor to select 2 tumors to pursue immediately.  Soon after the completion of the prioritization exercise, the sponsor held an investor call and issued a press release publicly announcing the updated portfolio strategy.