A mid-sized manufacturer of antibodies, substrates and conjugate was acquired by a larger life science tools company and needed to accelerate their growth trajectory to meet the demands of their new owners. Both the manufacturer and their parent company recognized that their product portfolio had critical market and competitive gaps that would limit growth potential. However, they needed detailed data to inform their portfolio decisions rather than relying on the anecdotal information gathered over the manufacturer’s 20+-year history.


Working with the manufacturer and the product management team from the parent company, Kineticos first captured details for their full product line including specifications, pack sizes and activities. Then, we developed a complete cross-reference with their key competitors. Importantly, we also surveyed customers and buyers in their target segments to understand current and future demand for their products. Using these data, along with our key staff experienced with the antibody market, we identified critical product gaps. We further prioritized these gaps based on revenue opportunity, competitive response and market developments.


Kineticos worked with the sponsor’s commercial and R&D teams to build a new product development plan that they will execute over several years. They were able to identify important portfolio gaps and subsequently develop plans to minimize those limitations. In the short term, both the newly acquired manufacturer and parent company are confident in the plan. In the longer term, the company will continuously improve both value for customers and competitiveness based on their new data-driven understanding of their portfolio’s relative strengths and weaknesses.