A drug delivery technology company identified an opportunity to generate additional revenue by acquiring products to further develop and enhance their innovative technology.  Thus, the executive management team hired Kineticos to conduct a scan of the market with a goal of identifying attractive investment opportunities.



Kineticos initially focused on becoming very familiar with the technology, its capabilities along with its various applications.  Next, Kineticos worked closely with the sponsor to identify required criteria and preferred criteria and to develop a scoring system that aligned with the sponsor’s preferences.  Once the scoring tool was in place, Kineticos identified over 14,000 products (and variations of products) in the relevant category.  After several rounds of elimination, it was determined that 148 products met the sponsor’s baseline criteria.  Leveraging several sources of data (FDA Orange Book, IMS, etc.), Kineticos applied additional ranking points (ASP, unmet medical need, patent expiry, sales by Rx and $, etc.) to rank them from 1 (most attractive) to 148 (least attractive).  Finally, Kineticos supplemented the objective rankings with subjective insight, which provided the client with some previously unknown nuance regarding several target candidates.



At project closure, Kineticos provided the sponsor with a list of 148 products that represented potential growth opportunities with rationale for each product.  Additionally, Kineticos provided a summary of the commercial potential for products that ranked 1, 2, and 3 intended for the review of the sponsor’s investors.  The sponsor was also provided with a repeatable scoring tool/system that could be leveraged over time.