A publically traded pharmaceutical company with a stagnant Phase II ready PDE4 inhibitor asset required support to determine a lead indication. Having specific expertise with PDE4, as well as a network of KOLs in relevant therapeutic areas, Kineticos was asked to recruit for and facilitate an on-site scientific advisory board meeting intended to help determine the optimal clinical path


Kineticos worked closely with the sponsor to determine the meeting objectives and develop a discussion guide designed to extract key information that would assist in determining a lead indication. Kineticos then identified and recruited 5 KOLs, all having extensive knowledge in one (1) of three (3) therapeutic areas that were being considered, to participate in a half-day, on-site meeting. Kineticos managed all meeting logistics and was responsible for facilitating the meeting so that the pre-determined objectives were met.


Upon conclusion of the meeting, it was validated that the asset was differentiated, and from a scientific perspective, had the greatest potential within 3 unique indications. The scientific advisory board also provided clarity into the asset’s potential development pathway and equipped the sponsor with a new network of experts that were in support of further developing the asset. Kineticos was subsequently asked to pair the outputs of the board meeting with a commercially focused assessment that would ultimately determine the lead indication.