A publicly traded global life science tools company was acquired and taken private by a healthcare-focused private equity (PE) firm. A new CEO and senior leadership team were put in place management to help improve the performance of the business. The new leadership team needed to quickly focus the company’s broad market approach and develop a strategy aligned with the PE investment thesis. Critically, the strategy needed to internally unite the organization and externally provide a clear path to rapid value creation.


Kineticos first worked with the leadership team to outline the process, timing and output for the strategic planning process that would combine the team’s experience and preferences with our deep domain experience. We then facilitated two teams of 10-12 individuals from different departments and levels at the company. With one team focused on internal analysis and the other working on external assessment, we gathered a wide range of foundational data including internal and external drivers.

Working with the internal and external teams, along with the executive committee, we synthesized these data into key insights for the business to identify the best growth opportunities and prioritize key actions to drive value creation.


Kineticos developed a comprehensive strategic plan for the company that met both their short-term operating needs and the longer-term requirements of their PE owners. The strategy, built to be enduring, involved three themes centered around 1) improving internal dynamics including processes, systems and culture, 2) aligning their commercial organization activities with the identified market opportunity and 3) establishing an innovation engine to drive relevant new product introductions. With our help, the new leadership successfully rolled out the new focus and strategy across the organization to realize excellent results within the first full year after acquiring the company.