A start-up biotech company looking to maximize the commercial potential of two developing point-of-care diagnostics products requested that Kineticos provide them with a comprehensive overview of customer needs among two unique customer segments. Specifically, the sponsor needed insight into what tests were being ordered, what the drivers to purchase were and how samples were collected, processed, shipped, and enriched.


Kineticos developed and launched an online voice of customer study designed to extract key buying preferences from each customer segment. Kineticos monitored the study on a daily basis and took an active approach to fielding responses to ensure the study achieved statistical significance.


After promptly meeting respondent quotas for each customer segment and achieving statistical significance, Kineticos analyzed the data and presented the CEO with fact-based recommendations on how to enhance the development of their diagnostic. Kineticos also was able to make recommendations on key customer requirements and fair market value for the sponsor’s tests.