Written by Kevin Hampton, Director of Marketing, Kineticos

As we approach the release of the Q1 Biopharma CEO Confidence Index results, slotted for the week of May 2nd, I’m very interested to learn if Biopharma CEOs remained as confident in Q1 as they did through a bearish second half of 2015.

The initial study (Q3 2015) provided a baseline of high confidence among those leading the biopharma industry. Of the CEOs surveyed 1, 73% reported they were very confident in their companies and the biopharmaceutical industry overall, while the remaining 37% said they were somewhat confident. I was not surprised at all to see that executives whom have a lot invested in their organizations are confident in their ability to succeed. Some additional key takeaways from the first study were:

  • 35% of CEOs indicated that the capital markets were their single largest risk
  • 74% were confident in out-licensing within 18 months
  • 84% were confident in the regulatory environment
  • Less than 50% were confident in their commercial capabilities
  • 94% were confident in their current internal resources

In the subsequent study (Q4 2015), the results pointed to a dip in confidence (primarily in the capital markets and deal landscape areas) and uptick in uncertainty among a similar audience. It was, however, encouraging to see that the decline in confidence amongst biopharma CEOs was not as steep as the decline the capital markets witnessed throughout the second half of 2015.  Below are some highlights of the Q4 2015 study.

  • 39% of CEOs were very confident in their fund-raising prospects (53% in Q3)
  • 70% were focused on doing a deal in Oncology (37%) and/or Neurology (33%)
  • 69% were very confident in their clinical differentiation (65% in Q3)
  • Confidence in filing an NDA or BLA in the next 1-3 years decreased 10% from Q3 to Q4, while it increased 3% when looking 4-5 years ahead
  • 61% plan to commercialize with external partners vs. independently (47% in Q3)
  • 13% anticipate no overall staffing changes in the next 18 months (2% in Q3)

It would have been easy to predict a more moderate level of overall confidence in either of last year’s studies, but we learned that CEOs of this leading sector remain confident and focused on the long term.

Shifting focus back to the Q1 study, 66 (unofficial count) biopharma CEOs shared their insights with us, and in the coming days, we’ll have an idea of where their confidence levels are. Will CEO confidence reach levels we saw in early Q3 2015 now that the market has seemingly settled, or do CEOs need more time before their confidence rebounds?

1 The majority of our Q3 2015 respondents were CEOs of emerging biotech companies.


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