Recently, researchers have been attempting to boost patients’ immune response against tumors by a variety of methods that mainly focus on stimulating or augmenting the innate T cell. These methods have been enabled by recent scientific advances that have increased our knowledge of the immune system and its response to malignancies, and have resulted in the recent clinical successes of several immune checkpoint inhibitors. The discovery and clinical successes of immune checkpoint inhibitors has revolutionized the field of cancer immunotherapy; the cancer immunotherapy market is forecasted to have sales of >$13B in 2023, the majority of which may be attributed to immune checkpoint inhibitors.

Click for full report: A Primer on Immuno-Oncology: Part 1

In this report, Kineticos’ experts discuss the scientific background and challenges associated with immune checkpoint inhibitors. Below are a few key topics addressed in the report:

  • Various types of immuno-oncology approaches
  • Scientific background of immune checkpoint inhibitors
  • Immune checkpoint inhibitor therapies in development
  • Challenges to commercializing immune checkpoint inhibitors

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