Throughout September and October, we have been discussing Precision Medicine and it’s impact on various segments of the life sciences. Steve Buckanavage, Kineticos Operating Executive, engages with Precision Biosciences’ CMO, Christopher Heery, to discuss how Precision Medicine is playing in Oncology. See below for a preview on Steve and Chris’ discussion on how checkpoint inhibitors are impacting curing diseases.


  • Steve Buckanavage, Operating Executive, Kineticos


  • Christopher Heery, CMO, Precision Biosciences

Kineticos: Perhaps compare and contrast where things have gotten to with the checkpoints like PD-1 and PD-L1 and say a little more about gene editing. It’s almost a next step to say, “We are modulating disease? Or is our aim to cure disease?”

CH: It would be good to establish some definitions that allow me to frame this conversation. When I think of cure, I think of an intervention that allows the disease that you have to no longer be the definition of your life in terms of how long you survive…

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