The final part of the discussion between Kineticos’ Operating Executive, Steve Buckanavage and Precision Biosciences’ CMO, Christopher Heery M.D., covers the advancement of T-cell generation and what the future holds for Oncology research. Click the link below to view the whole article.


  • Steve Buckanavage, Operating Executive, Kineticos


  • Christopher Heery, CMO, Precision Biosciences

Kineticos: Is what you just described in our last piece the reason to go upstream, which is to get the cell to engage the target on an ongoing basis? Versus repeat injections or therapeutic administration?

CH: I’ve spent a long-time doing cancer vaccines. I’ve began to become concerned that one of the major problems that we have in the vaccine space is – can we generate enough high-quality T-cells to even reach the tumor and try to invade and kill to allow a checkpoint inhibitor to release them…

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