One result of the Oncology explosion over the past 10 years has been the advent of CAR T therapy. In fact, we have seen two recent approvals, both for hematological cancers. Yet, the industry has not made nearly as much progress in solid tumors. Kineticos’ Operating Executive, Steve Buckanavage, recently caught up with Dr. Jeffrey Skolnik, VP of Clinical Development at Inovio Pharmaceuticals to discuss the notion of CAR T succeeding in both solid and liquid tumors.

Kineticos: Given your experience, and what you have seen in some development programs, what do you see as the evidence that support co-development programs in both solid and hematological tumors?

JS: The strongest rationale to think about co-development programs in hematological malignancies and solid tumors would be the revolution we have seen over the last decade or two really focusing on…Click here to access a compressed and edited version of the interview.

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