Kineticos’ Operating Executive, Steve Buckanavage, recently caught up with Dr. Jeffrey Skolnik, VP of Clinical Development at Inovio Pharmaceuticals to discuss topics regarding CAR T therapy. Dr. Skolnik is currently responsible for overseeing global clinical development of assets for DNA immunotherapies for oncology at Inovio. Dr. Skolnik has over 10 years of experience leading early and late stage development programs in Oncology. He received his M.D. from New York University and pediatric training at Children’s Hospital of Boston and completed his hematology/oncology training at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.


  • Steve Buckanavage, Operating Executive, Kineticos


  • Jeffrey Skolnik, VP of Clinical Development, Inovio Pharmaceuticals

Kineticos: “Given your experience, and what you have seen in some development programs, what do you see as the evidence that supports co-development programs in both solid and hematological tumors?”

JS: “The strongest rationale to think about co-development programs in hematological malignancies and solid tumors would be the revolution we have seen over the last decade or two really focusing on targeted therapies.”

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Bridges and Barriers to Advancing CAR T Therapy

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