In Part 1 of our discussion with Dr. Skolnik, Kineticos Operating Executive, Steve Buckanavage, explored how targeted combination therapies and our new understanding of the biological basis of disease has significantly improved patient outcomes.  While we celebrate better treatments, the number of patients who actually benefit is quite low as subsets of patients diagnosed within the same disease category respond very differently to these new treatments.  In Part 2 of their discussion, we shift our focus to the next inflection point.

Kineticos: If you were starting a clinical program today, what would the requirements be for starting a basket trial that includes hematological, as well as solid tumors?

JS: You must look for common or overlapping biological pathway errors, mutations, or deficiencies. What are those things that, from an individual protein or protein target perspective, we can go after, like BRAF or MEK? Where have we not confined ourselves to a single solid tumor or even solid tumors in general? Another opportunity is to look at…Click here to access a compressed and edited version of the interview.

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