As we continue our discussion between Steve Buckanavage, Kineticos’ Operating Executive and Christopher Heery, M.D., CMO at Precision Biosciences, we discuss Biomarkers and their impact in diagnosing individual patients versus segmenting patient populations. To read the whole article, click the link below.


  • Steve Buckanavage, Operating Executive, Kineticos


  • Christopher Heery, M.D., CMO, Precision Biosciences

Kineticos: It’s interesting because you mentioned the different checkpoints in our earlier piece, where you see a response in a significant number of patients, but you have to look at these immunological pieces of the puzzle. Does it lead us to combinations? Does it provide a basis for multiplex test kits? By doing so, does it capture more pieces of that puzzle?

CH: This is the really difficult aspect. There are a lot of good assays out there that go through a lot of working and re-working, but in many cases, we have very little clinical activity with which to correlate the results of those assays…

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