Written by Kevin Hampton, Director of Marketing, Kineticos

The results of the Q1 Biopharma CEO Confidence Index were recently unveiled, and the key takeaway was that confidence among our industry leaders has stabilized. The below chart illustrates the percentages of CEOs who were highly confident in the overall industry, along with 6 key components of their business.


Confidence levels dropped across the board from Q3 to Q4 last year, with the exception of Clinical Development. In Q1 2016, many of the trend lines made a corrective move, which validates that biotech CEOs have a long-term outlook on the state of their businesses and the overall industry.

The only indicator that decreased significantly from Q3 to Q4 2015 and continued to drop at a similar pace in Q1 2016 was deal landscape. 82% of CEOs indicated the deal landscape was good (other options included fair and poor) in Q3 of 2015. That number dropped to 61% in Q4, and then again to 45% in this most recent study.

Our research is supported by the fact that, according to Biopharm Insight, there were 146 licensing deals1 reported in Q1 2015 and only 96 in Q1 of this year, a reduction of 34%.

While the deal flow is down considerably year over year, it’s far too early for me to call it a trend. I’m interested to see what the Q2 data will bring, especially after seeing a fair amount of activity since the start of April.

1Includes licensing deals of all types (commercialization, development, drug acquisition, etc.)


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