Shailesh and Alan finish their discussion with how there were speculation that precision medicine would reduce innovation in pharma. See below for Shailesh and Alan’s perspective on this point.


  • Shailesh Maingi, Founder and CEO, Kineticos


  • Alan Wright, CMO, Roche Dx

Kineticos: Early on when precision medicine and companion diagnostics were being considered, there was a lot of speculation that the market for these drugs would ultimately be smaller and that the multibillion-dollar biotech models would be impacted and reduce innovation. That hasn’t happened. It is the other way around. We found a lot of interesting targets and we are able to go after targets that we haven’t been able to before which has increased innovation. What are your thoughts on that, in terms of how precision medicine has impacted the business side on innovation and pharma?

AW: I think that agility will be more important to be successful in the biopharma space. On the diagnostics side, we have to develop high quality diagnostics for smaller patient populations and determine how to finance those.  We’re a long way from deploying a blockbuster small molecule anti-hypertensive, that’s for sure.

Kineticos: I’m not sure that we’ll ever have anything like that again. Certainly, there are multi-billion-dollar drugs that are quite possible in this area.

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