Kineticos’ Operating Executive Steve Buckanavage, continues his discussion with Christopher Heery, M.D., CMO at Precision Biosciences as they tackle the difficulties that Precision Medicine can bring to Oncology studies. To read the whole article, click the link below.


  • Steve Buckanavage, Operating Executive, Kineticos


  • Christopher Heery, M.D., CMO, Precision Biosciences

Kineticos: Our understanding of biology is saying, “Do we have tractable targets? We’re going to exploit the biology to do what it was designed without interference from mutated tissue.” Rather than having a toxic type of agent, we want to induce tumor toxicity through protein production or block abhorrent protein to protein interactions.

CH: Absolutely. The better we understand biology, the better we can capitalize on it. Where I see this getting lost is that we have these elegant experiments that occur in the preclinical setting…

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