Join our panel of industry leaders as they look at Post COVID-19 implications to Corporate Strategy, specifically R&D and approaches to Market Opportunities, Portfolio Strategy, and Clinical Roadmaps.


“When there is a storm, the captain’s job is to be on the deck, constantly assessing the situation, looking for possible ways to get to a safe harbor. Now is the time for leadership to be on deck.”- Dr. Tyler Martin

“Remain flexible and open to the opportunities that present themselves. There are ways of actually coming out of this even better than when you entered. Look at this not only from your own resources, but also externally in terms of collaboration to catapult forward.” – Walter Capone

“It’s a fluid situation for the foreseeable future and it requires constant watching and adaptation. Make sure you are operating in a safe manner and also adhering to your mission. You will always have uncertainties requiring scenario planning. Adaptation and resilience are key.” – Dave Ousterout

The difficulty is that there are many, many, many unknowns. If you are thinking about a COVID program, make sure there is a clear pathway to success. We have to make decisions based on facts.” – Shailesh Maingi