Join our panel of industry leaders as they discuss the impact of COVID-19 on Corporate Strategy, specifically how biotechs are pivoting during this pandemic.


“The timing of this was during a moment of shock for everyone in the world. I would hope to see us bounce back in the next quarter. We are still making significant progress, even working remotely.” – Michelle LaRussa

“COVID-19 is providing opportunities to incorporate innovations and technologies with approaches that often take a long period of time in fairly conservative markets.” – Trey Putnam

“As consultants serving the Life Sciences industry, we need to be enough ahead of where our clients want to go that we can support them with new technologies.” – Tom Zietlow

“How are we making sure we’re ahead of the curve and we are prepared for what is next. We need to stay informed and over-communicate. And if you’re going to make an important strategic decision, make sure you develop the data and do the diligence to understand the implications.” – Philip Gialenios

“There are some long-term implications. Are we really going to change the way we do things in the industry or not? Or are we going back to the old ways of doing things?” – Peter Benton