Join the conversation with our panel of Life Sciences Industry Leaders as they discuss the question “Diagnostics Strategy and Innovation in a COVID World”


“The healthcare world, regulatory world, and the government world are now more aware of the value of diagnostics. When we talk to congressmen and senators now we don’t have to explain what laboratories do. That is a change and we have to capitalize on it.” – David King

“Diagnostics quality matters and cannot be assumed.” – Alan Wright

“We need to use this moment to prepare for the next and not relent.” – Gina Wallar

“With all of the social interest that is going on with the racial inequality, these are not trivial, they are not going away. All of us need to learn how to be more inclusive, starting with me. We are going to actively recruit at historically black colleges to get people of color into the biotech community.” – Shailesh Maingi