Shailesh and Mark discuss the history, present, and future for CAR-T. In part 1, learn all about Juno Therapeutics as Mark gives us all the details of the early days and how Juno was started. Hear about the challenges they encountered when CAR-T was a brand new therapy in the industry and how they overcame them.

Shailesh: “What was the first big hurdle you had to overcome at Juno Therapeutics?”

Mark: “In the early days it was around the manufacturing. Everyone may view a blank canvas as a great thing because you can be very creative.  but it actually gives you too many choices. So one was really getting focused…we didn’t know early on which co stimulatory domain might win out, so we decided to double our efforts and take both forward because we don’t know as a risk mitigator and that was a real strain on research.”